Can you join with Google Adsense?

Can you combine google adsense with pay per click networks like, which uses the short link method. That way, income will increase if website visitors make it through the short link. This method is often referred to as a shor link , But for, these short links users will be paid accordingly for each short link and get the results of clicks or links that are skipped, both from various countries.learn more ]

If at this time you have a website that you have monetized on Google Adsense, and want to add to it or just create a secure link for your Google Adsense account where, you intend to wrap your link with, it certainly can be done , and after the trial too, a lot of sites or blogs that use together with google adsense. However, there may be some differences in including links to blogs that need to be known and studied. If you want to find out before, if you can google adsense combined with Possible can and possibly also cannot. Because this policy already exists on the google adsense requirements page, but maybe if it only becomes a short link it will be fine and will not affect Google adsense ads or others.

google adsense is very much concerned for its members, who commit irregularities or violations in the criteria of google adsense account users as publishers. Those who are not reluctant to deactivate the google adsense account if there is a violation found on the website. However according to the results of this mbloginfo, there are lots of blogs that might have embedded links into their blogs. If you want to follow a similar method, it's not wrong and it's not weighted, but you should be careful. receive payday.

In this post, mbloginfo will present an answer only, if you are looking for whether you can install and merge google adsense with Then mbloginfo gives an answer response, of course you can, but if you ask whether is still safe for a google account adsense? The possible answer from mbloginfo is, it is uncertain and still a question mark. Because mbloginfo itself has not dared to conclude related to google adsense with on the blog.

If you have to do a trial, then it will produce a definite answer, but probably as long as there is no violation that strikes google adsense with, maybe can still be combined with google adsense. For those of you who want to get money income through blogs, then you can use the answers from this article, and you need to know that, if you previously display google ads on your blog, you should just use google adsense to get money from blogs, but if you must be urged by Google's policies adsense, you alone have a decision.

This article can be your reference or not, it can be the best decision only from you. Because using or joining a third-party ad network is not allowed by Google Adsense, but if you discuss on, adf, ly is not an ad network which gives money from the clicks on ads, but from the results of monetization of visitors too. This can be considered for you, or can use quietly in your blog.

Well that's all the articles related to and google adsense for a blog, hopefully this article is enough to help you for information and in finding decisions for your blog and your income.


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